Humboldt Junior Golf League

West Tennessee's Premier Junior Golf Program

The Largest Junior Program in West Tennessee 

Humboldt Junior Golf has grown from a dream to a tradition.  Boasting the largest Junior Golf enrollment for any golf course in West Tennessee, Humboldt Junior Golf has over 200 children registered to play and  we have consistently host between 70 to 110 participants every Wednesday every summer! The Humboldt Junior Golf League is proud to create a way for children of all ages to tee it up with their friends and create memories for a lifetime.


Humboldt Junior Golf is not just an academy where kids beat balls on the range for a couple of hours, one week out of the year. At HGCC, young golfers develop a love for the game by competing and playing with their friends for great prizes every week. In addition to competition, our junior golfers have access to our PGA professional, Webb Webster, for Wednesday afternoon clinics every other week.


 Thanks to our sponsors, our junior league is free of charge for members and includes a complimentary lunch after every round. 

Here is how it works:

Junior golfers compete within their age division every Wednesday.  With our first groups teeing off at 8:30 am, all age divisions, except the 16-18 age division,  have completed their round, eaten lunch, and received their prizes before11:30 am.


To help foster a love for the game, free of intimidation, we allow beginners to play in the division they feel most comfortable. Likewise, for our more experienced golfers, we allow golfers to "play up" to obtain the competition they desire.  Prizes are awarded for over half of the field in each age division. 


See our Age divisions below.

Humboldt Junior Golf League Divisions

AGE                      HOLES                       TEES

Age 4-6                 Putting Course            Putting Green

Age 7-9                 3 Holes                        Junior Tees

Age 10-12             5 Holes                        Junior Tees

Age 13-15             9 holes               Girls Red/ Boys White

Age 16-18             18 Holes            Girls Red/ Boys White

We hope you will join us this summer!  To register, simply click the link below and enroll!